Model 250

FORT WORTH, Texas - ID Technology now offers a standard “off-the-shelf” system to print and apply variable information labels to the trailing corner of cases and cartons. This system uses standard “off-the-shelf” IDT components to construct a custom system.

The IDT integrated conveyor is made of stainless steel construction with a variable speed DC drive Baldor motor. Its integrated base has locking feet and casters allowing easy relocation of the entire system. An IDT Vertical Post and IDT Slide Base Assembly can be mounted to the conveyor beam, enabling X and Y-axis movement of the applicator.

In the system, a Model 250 Label Printer Applicator prints and applies variable information labels, and a standard IDT secondary tamp is used to tamp the label onto the side of the carton and wipe it around the trailing edge corner. An IDT System Scanner Interface verifies the barcode and either lets the case continue down the line or rejects it via the IDT reject station.

For more information on ID Technology’s products and services, call 888.438.3242, ext 159. For more information or to locate one of ID Technology’s nationwide sales and service centers, call 888.438.3242 or visit our website at

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