Model 335

Tarpon Springs, FL - A-B-C’s Model 335 case erector gives packagers optimum flexibility to erect and seal regular slotted (RSC), half slotted (HSC), and tablock cases. Case style changeover is easy, requiring minimum downtime and no change parts. The innovative tablock module is key to the quick changeover capability…when running tablock cases the module operates to fold the tablock flaps smoothly and eliminate tab stress…when running other case styles, the cases simply bypass the tablock section to be erected and sealed as usual.

The Model 335 offers high speed, mechanical operation, erecting and sealing up to 35 cases per minute. Intelligent machine control is a standard feature, providing accurate PLC/electronic control and supervision of operation. The variable speed drive automatically adjusts the machine to accommodate line fluctuations and maintain top productivity.

The compact size of this case erector saves valuable floor space; at only 19’ long, the Model 335 occupies 30% less floor space than other tablock-style case erectors. Yet at this small size, the machine includes a large capacity case magazine that is low level for easy loading, and indexes case stacks automatically for uninterrupted case feed and minimal operator attention. Cases can be loaded at any time during operation.

A-B-C manufactures a complete line of packaging machinery including case erectors, sealers, packers, decasers, bulk depalletizers, and palletizers. For complete details, contact A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation, 811 Live Oak Street, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689, Phone 800-237-5975, Fax 727-938-1239, or visit

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