Model 36C

Tarpon Springs, FL - A-B-C’s flap memory relaxer serves dual markets- container manufacturers who ship ware in unsealed reshipper cases, and packagers who close packed cases for warehousing but require the flexibility to reopen the flaps to assemble specialty packs or tailor specific caseloads for market demands. This versatile machine offers the speed, compatibility and flexibility that packagers need in the changing marketplace.

The Model 36C is built with features that ensure complete case and flap control at any speed. Cases are indexed from the packing station and are automatically timed into the infeed of the 36C. The leading inner flap is plowed closed by a stationary tucker, and the trailing flap is closed by a pneumatic tucker. A steel tongue rides down the case center to secure the minor flaps as the case is transferred. Contoured cast aluminum flap folders fold the major flaps then the top scores are spray moistened to reduce the flap score memory and then creased by multiple score crimping wheels. These actions virtually remove flap memory and ensure trouble-free palletizing with no flap pop-up.

The use of cool water for flap conditioning eliminates the risks and high energy costs associated with steam-operated flap conditioners. The machine’s heavy steel frame minimizes vibration and ensures years of continuous service with less maintenance. The 36C is compact and easily adjustable for a full range of case sizes by simple hand cranks.

A-B-C manufactures a complete line of packaging machinery including case erectors, partition inserters, case sealers, case and bottle packers, bottle decasers, bulk bottle depalletizers, and palletizers. For complete details, contact A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation, 811 Live Oak Street, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689, Phone 800-237-5975, Fax 727-938-1239, or visit

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