Model 440

Streamwood, IL ­ When packaging requirements require high volumes of pre-cut strapping and banding material, Triangle Technologies offers an innovative solution - the Model 440 Cut-to-Length Strap Dispenser. This accurate, automatic dispenser increases the efficiency and safety level of strapping operations while significantly reducing labor costs.

Implementing use of the Model 440 saves money by effectively managing strapping material waste, reducing manual handling requirements and eliminating the need for multiple operators. Precise solid state programming accurately measures strap length and controls automation of the cutting process. Minimizing strap contact and exposure to sharp strap edges and the elimination of the repetitive cutting task significantly reduce the possibility of lacerations or more serious repetitive task injuries and their resulting compensation losses.

The Model 440 is designed for decades of rough use. Results are industry-proven on jobs requiring 30,000 cuts per day, and the quick ROI has proven it to be a cost-effective purchase for companies in the primary & secondary metals and insulation industries. The unit comes standard with convenient 110VAC and 80 psi air input requirements, and straightforward operator controls for strap length and strap count, in both English and Metric units. It accommodates steel strap widths and thicknesses from 3/8² x .015² to 2² x .050² and accepts both ribbon wound or oscillated wound coils up to 100lbs. To further enhance labor, and cost savings, the Model 440 is designed to be used in conjunction with Triangle Technologies jumbo coil dispensers with capacities up to 2000 lb coil weight. Available options include Œsafety cut¹ strap ends, seal applicator, adaptations for portable use, special voltage to suit any alternate US or European voltage requirements, and easy conversion for use with plastic strap.

For more information, contact Triangle Technologies, Inc., 687 Bonded Parkway, Streamwood, IL 60107. Telephone 630-736-3318, Fax 630-736-3319, Email or Web

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