Model DNL

HAVERHILL, Mass. – Pro-Line, offers its Model DNL Dimension Next Laboratory Modular Technical Systems. Designed with work surfaces and frames that provide the ultimate laboratory workbench, the Model DNL uses the same frame design as the company’s standard Dimension Next series. This allows users to save money and space with double-sided units and add-on units.

Work surfaces adjust vertically anywhere on the aluminum upright, allowing increased operator comfort and production. Pro-Line’s overhead cabinets and under- surface modular cabinets also allow users to neatly organize and utilize work space. Optional task lighting mounted under the sliding door cabinet reduces worker fatigue yet takes up very little space.

The benches, which feature an overall height of 82 inches, are available in both single-sided and double-sided versions. The Model DNL features a heavy-gauge steel frame that bolts to the top supports, adding strength to the work surface and lateral support to the entire bench. The 1000-pound capacity of the workbenches ensures that even the heaviest jobs can be accommodated.

The Model DNL is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Both the single-sided and double-sided versions are offered in two styles: Starter and Add-on. In addition, both single-sided and double-sided are offered in three sizes: 48” x 30”, 60” x 30”, and 72” x 30”. The textured beige powder coat finish with blue accent strips creates a durable finish as well as superior aesthetics. A variety of other textured paint colors is available as well.

The Single-Sided Starter version includes two uprights, two horizontal leg supports, one top frame assembly and one 180-degree rolled front edge work surface. The Single-Sided Add-On includes one upright, one horizontal leg support, one top frame assembly and one 180-degree rolled front edge work surface. The Double-Sided Starter includes two uprights, two back to back horizontal leg supports, two top frame assemblies and two work surfaces. The Double-Sided Add-On includes one upright, one back-to-back horizontal leg support, two top frame assemblies and two 180-degree rolled front edge work surfaces.

Epoxy Resin or H.D.P.E. finishes are available as an option on any version of the Model DNL.

The optional modular accessories of the Model DNL Dimension Next series lets users configure each bench to meet their needs. The solid, slotted aluminum uprights allow work surface or optional accessories to be mounted anywhere along the column without the use of tools. Work surfaces and optional accessories adjust independently of each other on double-sided stations.

More information is available on the company’s Web site at or

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