Modular Handheld Computer

Modular Handheld Computer

DAP Technologies’ newest M4000 series handheld computer is lightweight and modular, allowing users to easily upgrade as needs change. Built on a Windows CE operating system, sealed to IP65 and engineered to withstand multiple 1.5 meter (5 foot) drops, the M4000 is ideally suited to warehouse environments.

With 128 MB SDRAM and 1 GB flash ROM standard, this handheld provides ample memory for storing data locally, while communications options include GPRS and Summit Radio wireless LAN 802.11b/g. It also has a user-accessible, expandable SD slot.

The M4000 series offers a 3.5” 256K color LCD touch screen with LED backlighting and a choice between an alpha-numeric (M4010 model) or alphabetical (M4020 model) keyboard. Keyboards can be swapped as needs change.

DAP Technologies

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