Monoflo Pallets

Monoflo Pallets

Monoflo International Inc. announces availability of high-pressure, injection-molded rackable/stackable and nesting pallets.

The rackable RP4840 pallet has extreme edge-racking capability—to 2,750 pounds—and extreme temperature resistance, according to Monoflo, while the nestable NP4840 has multiple nesting leg options.

The RP pallet line is designed for food processing/packaging, pharmaceutical, chemicals, paper, captive distribution, and pooling. The NP pallet line is suitable for grocery distribution, food service, convenience store distribution, export and general manufacturing. <> of recyclable, high-density polyethylene or polypropylene pallets use less resin than competing pallets, helping to support sustainability initiatives, Monoflo says.

Pallets Product Spec Sheet (PDF)

Monoflo International Inc.
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