Morse has announced MORcinch, an entirely new design of drum holder featuring a unique “cinching action” that adjusts to the vast majority of drum diameters,holding drums more securely than any other design. MORcinch embraces almost the entire girth of drums, evenly distributing the weight to maximize security of the grip and minimize stress points that can cause drum sidewall damage.

MORcinch is fast, ergonomic and self-adjusts to virtually all diameters of drums of steel, plastic or fiber. Other designs have presented chronic problems with drum damage and/or loose holds from ill fitting holders.

MORcinch works with a variety of Morse drum handlers, from floor and high-lift models to lift-truck attachments and below-hook products.

Morse Manufacturing Co., Inc.
727 West Manlius St. PO Box 518
East Syracuse, NY 13057-0518
315-437-8475 Fax 315-437-1029
[email protected]

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