Motoman Partners With Agile Planet to Develop Robotics Technology

Motoman Inc., an industrial robot manufacturer, and Agile Planet Inc., a developer of robotics software, are partnering to provide commercial users with hardware and software for dual-arm robots.

The technology partnership will integrate a customized version of Agile Planet's robot-independent manipulation software, Kinematix, with Motoman’s high-dexterity dual-arm and other SDA-series robots. The new offering provides a line of robotic hardware and software featuring high-speed control, sensor integration, collision avoidance, telerobotics and motion planning.

“Combining the SDA robots with Agile Planet's control software will enable a whole new set of applications for unstructured environments that represents a significant breakthrough in robotic technology,” stated Erik Nieves, technology director for Motoman. The systems will be available globally for commercial use and deployed through Motoman.

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