Motorized Cart for Heavy Loads

Motorized Cart for Heavy Loads

The Bounder Joystick Controlled Motorized Cart manufactured by 21st Century Scientific Inc., transports heavy loads in tight quarters while also traversing open spaces at speeds to 5.4 mph. One person can safely move up to 1,000 lb of cargo. The operator can walk behind or ride on the fold-down platform on the back of the cart. The joystick control applies power to the motors in a smooth and controllable manner. This can reduce the risk of back injuries and improve workplace safety.

Applications include warehouses, mailrooms, hospitals, hotels, grocery and department stores or any other location where frequent moving of heavy items is needed. The optional riding platform allows the operator to move quickly from one place to another. These carts are custom made to user specifications.

Standard deck height is 16.5ā€ and measures 26ā€ wide x 48ā€ long.

21st Century Scientific

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