Motorola Offers VoIP Scanner

NEW YORK—The enterprise mobility business of Motorola, Inc. has announced a voice over Internetprotocol (VoIP)-enabled wireless scanner designed to enhance customer service, help reduce operational costs and increase worker productivity. The device provides retail, healthcare and hospitality service workers with an integrated voice and data tool that fills a large communications gap found on storefloors, across hospitals and restaurants.

The new CA50 redefines customer service by providing more employees with real-time access to people and information and enables associates to fulfill customer requests at hospitality establishments, conduct price and inventory checks at retail stores and request immediate delivery of equipment at hospitals, among other business critical activities. In addition, it allows employees to place or receive calls anywhere in the building – in turn eliminating annoying overhead pages and long response times by enabling one-to-one (voice calls) and one-to-many (walkie-talkie style) calls for instant collaboration and communication.

The device comes equipped with wireless LAN, bar code scanning and information retrieval, and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) for integrated mobile-phone style voice communications. Through Motorola’s developing alliance with Avaya, a global provider of business communications applications, systems and services, as well as other telephony system providers, the CA50 can perform as an extension of the desktop so that incoming calls can be redirected to ensure that no call is missed or abandoned.

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