GREENE, N.Y. — The Raymond Corporation recently introduced a new version of its Maintenance Platform Vehicle (MPV). The Raymond® MPV provides flexible operation, comfort and stability for overhead maintenance and repair at elevations up to 371 inches (9.4234 meters). The Raymond MPV has an enclosed operator platform and is ideal for overhead maintenance applications that require swift and reliable response.

Unlike maintenance platforms and traditional man lifts that must be lowered to travel, a lift truck equipped with the Raymond MPV can travel at its fully elevated height of 371 inches. The embedded ACR System™, which is standard on all MPV models, regulates speed relative to elevated height at a speed of 1 to 6.5 miles per hour when fully elevated.

“The Raymond MPV features a narrow profile that allows the vehicle to be used in very narrow aisles for maintaining light fixtures,” says Susan Comfort, product manager, Class II products, for The Raymond Corporation. “In addition, the clear view mast provides excellent visibility for operators at all mast elevations.”

The Raymond MPV has a 750-lb. capacity platform that provides ample room for the operator, tools and supplies. A lock on the entrance gate ensures the gate is closed before the vehicle will operate.

For more information about the Raymond MPV or to locate a Raymond service center, visit or call (800) 235-7200.

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