MSE-Forks RollerForks

MSE-Forks RollerForks

MSE-Forks launches RollerForks, a lift truck attachment that replaces standard lift truck forks.

RollerForks can be used to handle pallets, slipsheeted materials, bagged goods, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), cartons, gaylords, tires and more, says MSE-Forks.

The attachment’s built-in cartridges have two layers of rollers. When the forks are set on the floor, upper rollers elevate above the fork surface. When the truck moves, the rollers spin in opposite directions, allowing them to creep under the load. When lifted, all rollers drop below the fork surface, and the blades then resemble standard fork tines.

Reachable Solutions is the U.S. distributor for MSE-Forks.

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