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The Mule

Milford, Conn. – In an effort to meet customers’ specific applications and unique needs, Beyond Products has announced the availability of a new interchangeable fork attachment for The Mule, the material handling and assembly industries’ first affordable, all-in-one portable hand lift-truck.

The new fork attachment is designed for applications such as hauling tubs, totes, hoppers, rolls of materials, wooden crates, short pallets and turns the Mule into a mini-forklift for material handling. The fork attachment is available as a separate accessory and is easily installed utilizing The Mule’s existing coupler.

The stock forks are 18 inches long and have been designed to match the length of typical totes and tubs. For safer moving and handling, the steel made forks feature embedded wheels that allow payloads to easily slide on and tip back.

The multi-purpose, compact Mule is designed to transport and lift a maximum of 350 pounds of material up to 48 inches high. The Mule can also double as a work positioner and customizable work bench. Custom designed, low profile castors enable The Mule to maneuver in tight areas and fit through 28-inch doorways allowing it to go where lifts cannot, helping to optimize productivity and floor space.

The Mule’s key features include:
• 350-pound (159 kg) lift capacity
• Easily customized for specific applications
• Electronic, screw-driven 48” lift
• Lift speed of 1 ½ inches per second or 27 seconds from bottom to top
• Versatile work platform with vice knob and mounting bar
• Adjustable work blocks fit holes on platform to allow for maximum customization
• Dual 10 inch disk brakes with locking hand brake on both rear wheels for added safety
• Custom designed, low profile castors allow The Mule to turn and maneuver in tight areas
• Ideal for tight spaces and can fit through 28-inch doorways
• Lightweight at only 115 pounds (52 kg)
• Narrow, fold-up design allows for easy storage and placement into delivery vehicles
• 12V rechargeable maintenance-free battery lasts for 90 – 110 lift cycles per charge
• U.S. and international patents pending
• Twelve month warranty

For more information, please contact us at 866-813-3751 or visit

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