Multi-aisle Stacker Crane

Multi-aisle Stacker Crane

York, PA – Modern LTW today announced the availability of LTW high density stacker cranes with patented Curve-going and Lane Switching Technology.

Modern LTW is the North American sales affiliate of Lagertechnik Wolfurt (LTW), an Austrian based manufacturer of semi- and fully automatic rail guided stacker cranes and pallet conveyors. LTW GmbH is a division of the Doppelmayr Group, famed for its century-long history of manufacturing ultra high reliability ski lifts, elevators, and cable cars. Modern LTW is a subsidiary of the Modern Group.

Since its founding in 1981, LTW has been designing and fabricating complete warehouse systems including cranes, conveyors, control systems, and warehouse management software systems, as well as providing project engineering, system integration and program management.

LTW stacker cranes meet a wide variety of applications and user requirements, including manual, dual-use, semi-automatic, and fully automatic versions. Our multi-aisle "curve-going" crane technology provides the unique ability for a single crane to service a multi-aisle facility, and our patented aisle switching technology is exclusive in the industry.

Our customized stacker cranes range from light, order picking cranes with a 100 to 300 Kg (220 to 660 lb) payload and their corresponding handling devices, to heavy stacker cranes capable of lifting payloads of up to 5000 Kg (11,000 lb) to heights of up to 36 m (118 ft).

One LTW crane can operate in any number of aisles, allowing warehouse throughput requirements to dictate the proper number of cranes. LTW curve-going technology and lane switching technology is unique and patented, and offers new possibilities for high density warehouse design.

The LTW family of stacker cranes offers a wide scope of warehouse layout possibilities, which include, among other things, narrow and high aisles, short transfer zones, two or more handling devices per crane, high performance, high availability, expandability, etc.

Modern LTW is located in York, PA and can be contacted at (717) 767-2387 or online at

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