Multi-Channel Liquidation -- A Business Beyond EBAY

DULUTH, GA. – Excess Technologies LLC, a technology based surplus liquidation and auction services company, quickly realized after the firm was founded that scaling to meet revenue objectives would be a difficult task when relying exclusively on eBay as a liquidation channel. The company recently completed the implementation of a multi-channel liquidation network and reports that less than 5% of total revenues are generated through eBay, down from 80% when the company was launched two years ago.

Excess Technologies utilizes both online and offline channels to sell excess inventory they either purchase, or represent as an agent on behalf of their client. Focusing on various product segments such as computers & electronics, the company develops a strategic liquidation plan outlining various channels including export alternatives. The company utilizes dozens of integrated channels and marketplaces, which includes online retail, such as eBay, Amazon or Yahoo, online wholesale, such as or Retail Exchange, and a vast internal segmented database used to alert registered buyers about liquidation opportunities via e-mail campaigns. Excess Technologies was required to expand their channel presence well beyond eBay when their client base started to request they sell large volumes of the same product quickly, a difficult task when relying exclusively on eBay.

“We are seeing a huge value in offering companies a true multi-channel solution for liquidating excess and refurbished merchandise since most companies do not have the expertise, knowledge, or resources to maximize the value of their surplus,” stated Joel Holtzman, president and CEO of Excess Technologies. “Depending on our client’s channel restrictions and requirements, deploying a diversified channel strategy provides for faster cash recovery and often at higher recovery values,” states Holtzman. “Most liquidation service companies that focused exclusively on eBay are either being forced to expand their model, or are no longer in business,” states Val Osinski, Vice President of Business Development.

Excess Technologies has performed multi-channel liquidation services for many high profile companies and brands including Memorex, Bell Telephones, Home Shopping Network, Lycos, Polk Audio, Aastra Telecom, and more. This Atlanta based technology surplus liquidation and auction services company leverages technology and infrastructure to provide Liquidation and Auction Services to manufacturers, retailers, distributors and corporate accounts. The company buys excess and pre-owned inventory, as well as performs liquidation services for clients on a commission agent fee basis. For more information on Excess Technologies, visit

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