Multi-Task System

BREA, CA—Dealing with everyday tasks can result in a cluttered and unorganized work area. IAC has a solution for this issue with the Multi-Task System, or MTS for short. The MTS is an upper structure for stand alone workbenches, which creates a vertical area above-the-worksurface for storage units, shelving, parts cups, electrical outlets, lighting, and other accessories. This vertical organization allows the worksurface to be maintained as an organized, task-oriented working environment. The MTS attaches to the rear of the worksurface or workbench frame, so even on adjustable height workbenches it will stay perfectly positioned. MTS Systems are excellent for upgrading the economic functionality of your existing benches.

The MTS is available in multiple lengths to fit 48”, 60”, 72” and 96” workbenches. They are manufactured from rigid, twelve-gauge steel, with double slotted uprights at one-inch increments that support their broad range of shelving and other productivity accessories. They are finished with high-durability powder coat paint in a variety of colors to match the workbench on which they are attached. MTS upper structures will fit most workbenches provided there is a clear 1.5” overhang in the rear.

For more information, contact IAC Industries at 714-990-8997 or [email protected].

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