Grand Rapids, Mich. - Dematic, provider of automated logistics solutions, has introduced Multishuttle, a flexible Automated Storage and Retrieval (AS/RS) staging solution for applications that require dynamic, high rate, product sequencing to support order assembly, goods to the person picking, and pick face replenishment. The key attributes of Dematic's Multishuttle include high rate capacity, ability to accommodate load sequencing requirements, and adaptability to existing building layouts.

The Multishuttle system consists of multiple levels of AS/RS rack structure, carrier vehicles, buffer conveyors and software. Each level of the rack structure includes input/output conveyor and a carrier vehicle that travels horizontally to access loads stored in the rack structure, typically totes or trays. An extraction device on each carrier vehicle accesses the loads in the rack. Since there is a carrier vehicle captive in each aisle, on each level, ultra high throughput capacity is achieved. At the end of each aisle, a vertical lift is utilized to bring the load to the input/output conveyor. Load sequencing occurs as loads are retrieved in the order required for the order fulfillment function.

According to Ken Ruehrdanz, Dematic Market Development Manager, the Multishuttle solution is ideal for supplying product to piece pick order fulfillment modules or mixed pallet building operations. "The Multishuttle can also be utilized as a short term buffer storage system or a parts support system for production operations," said Ruerhrdanz. "The simplicity of the modular carrier vehicles allows high system uptime, system redundancy, and low power consumption."

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