MWPJ-3R series

MILAN/ Italy – Komatsu Forklift extends its product range of warehouse equipment and introduces to the market seated as well as semi-seated pallet trucks. For both models of the new MWPJ-3R series the sideways seating arrangement ensures comfort and good visibility for the operator. They are suitable for horizontal transport of loads up to 2 tons in narrow space over long distances.

To make sure the effort for maintenance is as low as possible the motors and batteries are easily accessible for maintenance. The truck for seated operators is equipped with a traction motor using three phase AC technology, which is virtually maintenance free. The seated rider pallet truck is equipped with a hydraulically cushioned seat. It can be adjusted in three different positions in accordance with the driver’s weight and size to reduce his fatigue. Comfort for the operator is also ensured due to the intuitively positioned controls arranged so they can be reached easily. The patented friction aid on the fork tips increases the friction between the load and the forks surface, so the pallets do not slip during transportation. Sliding skids under the reinforced fork tips make it easy to enter empty pallets.

The semi-seated pallet truck allows working in standing position as well as in a seated. The small, mobile seat can be used from operators while driving, if necessary. The underside of its chassis is angled at the front, so the truck can also be easily driven at a slope. The overall width of the semi-seated truck is only 796 mm, so it is smaller than a pallet and suitable for manoeuvring also in confined spaces.

Komatsu Forklift

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