ATLANTA – LXE Inc., the mobile logistics business of EMS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: ELMG), today announced the introduction of the MX7CS handheld data collection computer for cold storage environments. The MX7CS is the smallest, lightest handheld on the market specifically designed for highly effective use in sub-freezing temperatures (down to -30C). Built on the proven MX7 platform, the MX7CS completes LXE’s industry-leading cold storage product line, which includes the MX5X ultra-rugged handheld and the VX6 and VX7 vehicle-mounted computers.

“The MX7CS fills a critical need in the cold storage market for a rugged handheld data collection device that’s small and lightweight,” says Doug Brown, LXE’s director of product management. “LXE has a deep understanding of the cold storage business, based on extensive experience in delivering application-specific solutions. The MX7CS is the culmination of all the customer feedback and lessons we’ve learned during that experience.”

The MX7CS addresses the problems that make it impossible to use standard handheld computers in cold storage environments. Built-in heaters eliminate both fogging and frosting, a specialized battery promotes free-flowing power, and a highly-effective conformal coating technique protects the unit against the effects of condensation.

The MX7CS is a multimodal device that comes “voice-ready” out of the box, complete with LXE’s ToughTalkTM voice-recognition technology. ToughTalk technology is the specialized combination of LXE’s trademark ruggedized system design, advanced audio circuitry, and noise-canceling techniques, which together enable the MX7CS to support today’s industrial-grade voice-recognition applications. The MX7CS allows voice logistics applications and traditional barcode scanning applications to be used on the same unit in cold storage environments.

As with all of LXE’s products, the MX7CS is “born rugged, not made rugged.” Specialized plastics absorb impacts; solid-state, industrialized electronics resist shock and vibration; and a fully ruggedized display and backlit keyboard can handle the rigors of rough industrial operations.

For more information on the MX7CS handheld computer for cold storage, visit:

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