NACCO Greenville Plant Produces 500,000th Lift Truck

NACCO Greenville Plant Produces 500,000th Lift Truck

NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG) produced its 500,000th lift truck at its Greenville, N.C., plant. The Hyster Company E80AC, an AC-powered electric rider, rolled off the line and is seen here with the first truck the plant produced, a Yale Materials Handling Corp. K58 series.

“The dedication of our employees in terms of their commitment, quality and delivery is at the same high standards today as when the plant first opened more than 30 years ago. That dedication has allowed us to work together to advance how our lift trucks are designed and assembled, and reach this impressive milestone for Yale, Hyster and NMHG,” said Don Mills, Greenville plant manager.

NMHG manufactures lift trucks in five classes at nine plants across the globe. The Greenville, N.C., plant produces Class I, II and III electric products up to 12,000 pound capacities. The 500,000 sq.-ft. facility produces more than 28,000 lift trucks annually and employs more than 600 people.

Yale President Don Chance (right) sits in the cab of the first truck produced in Greenville, the Yale K58. Hyster President Paul Laroia (left) sits in the cab of the Hyster E80AC. They are joined by NMHG plant workers and engineers who were on the job when the plant opened its doors in 1974.

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