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Nationwide Seminar Series

CLEVELAND-Keogh Consulting, a firm specializing in distribution and integrated supply chain solutions, is sponsoring the "Turning Experience into Knowledge" seminar series. Each seminar, co-sponsored by several supply chain industry leaders, is designed to turn the speakers' collective industry experience into knowledge you can apply to your strategic planning and daily activities.

Scheduled in 10 major cities this year, the next seminar, "Keys to DC Operations and Technology Success", is June 12, in Atlanta. Seminars will focus on how to improve your operation and gain a better return on your investment by identifying the right equipment, facility layout, level of automation, and WMS and technology. Featured topics include: Operations & Systems Best Practices; Material Handling, Storage, and Layout Planning; Automation and Integration Success; WMS and Technology Justification & Selection; and Lean and Green DC Operation & Supply Chain. Seminars will include case studies and/or facility tours to enhance the educational value. For seminar details and to register visit:

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