E.R. Wagner Casters & Wheels has developed a first of it's kind "obstacle & impact absorbing" wheel appropriately called "Navigator Wheel". Unlike other standard wheels, these patented wheels have a unique internal suspension. Inside the hub of the wheel are load rated springs that reduce the pushback effect of the wheel as it impacts objects such as doorjambs, cords, and carpet divider strips. The unique suspension allows the cart to transition over the rough terrain with ease, while protecting the load of the cart. The wheel size is 6" x 2" and is available with either a gray thermoplastic rubber or a red polyurethane tread. These wheels carry a load rating of up to 300 lbs. and are equipped for a ½" axle and are interchangeable with most industry standard 2" wide heavy duty casters.

These wheels are used in many markets, including: Food Service Industry, as well as the Healthcare Industry, on Crash Carts, Code Response Carts, Anesthesia Carts, Central Supply Carts, Hospital/Service Carts, Silverware and Tray Carts, and more. This wheel is also being specified in the General Material Handling Industry on products like Mobile Tool Boxes, Utility Warehouse, Carts and Racks, Dollies, Trucks and Hoppers, Platform Carts, and Utility Carts.

E.R. Wagner
331 Riverview Drive
Hustisford, WI 53034
P 920.349.3271 / 800-558-0117
F 920.349.3487
E [email protected]

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