NAW Summit to Answer Business Questions

Economic, business, and government issues affecting wholesale distribution will be the focus of the NAW Executive Summit: “How to Play 2012-13,” to be held January 31–February 2, 2012, in Washington, DC. The program’s speakers will answer the following questions:

• Where will the economy trend in 2012 and 2013? (Economist Alan Beaulieu, “NAW Economic Forecast, 2012–13.”);

• What are the major, fundamental changes that business will face over a longer time horizon? (Futurist David Houle, “The Shift Age.”);

• How can distribution firms create a profitability turnaround program that brings up all of their accounts to best practice performance? (Profitability expert Jonathan Byrnes, “A Practical Guide to Managing Profitability Turnarounds in Wholesale Distribution.”);

• What steps can distributors take immediately to “stop leaving money on the table?” (Cost-control expert George Swartz, “Distributors: Don’t Leave Money on the Table!”);

• What can business expect from Congress and President Obama leading up to the 2012 elections? (Veteran journalist and political commentator Tucker Carlson, “A Look at the Obama Administration, Congress, and the 2012 Elections.”).

Finally, NAW’s Senior Vice President for Government Relations, Jade West, will answer the following questions during her session, “Washington’s Plans for Your Business in 2012” :

• What do distributors need to look for—and worry about—as 2012 unfolds?
• Will gridlock continue its grip on policy makers?
• Will Congress tackle tax reform?
• What about the National Labor Relations Board and the Department of Labor regulatory agendas?

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