TGW-ERMANCO INC. has introduced NBC Narrow Belt Conveyor. NBC is a belt-driven live-roller conveyor that is configurable into zero-pressure contact accumulation, non-contact accumulation, and transportation conveyor using all the same frame and drive components. NBC reduces the cost of equipment, installation, and ownership. Additional savings result from NBC’s ability to power up to four curves and spurs off either end of the conveyor using only one drive. NBC’s cost advantages, versatility, and functionality make it an excellent value.

While offering significant cost savings, NBC also incorporates high-value features as standard. Logic modules are set in the field with the simple press of a button to select basic or progressive (train) release. Other features include curves that can accumulate product and employ true-taper rollers with close-pack roller centers and direct drive belts with 97% efficient gear motors. NBC utilizes CRUZ„¥ frame with the rollers low and built-in guardrail configuration. A rollers-high version is also available.

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6870 Grand Haven Road
Spring Lake, MI 49456-9652
Fax 231-798-8322

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