NDC8 Version 1.4

NDC8 Version 1.4

Reduces AGV operating costs, and design and install time, while increasing power

WOOD DALE, IL – Danaher Motion introduces version 1.4 of its world-renowned NDC8 control platform for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Most well known for its extensive yet user-friendly programming options and high degree of flexibility, the NDC8 control platform now supports up to 10 AC drives per AGV. The drives can be used for steering, driving or auxiliary control, and AC technology helps increase power while reducing running costs.

“NDC8 version 1.4 hosts an industry standard OPC client, allowing for a smooth connection to any I/O resource on the market. The updated curve-editing tool gives the engineer the freedom to adapt each AGV layout to suit specific application needs, and new spline-based flexible curves allow for increased vehicle speed at corners, while saving floor space when negotiating tight corners. The improved tool set provides statistical data to optimize overall transport flow and increase system productivity. In general, using the NDC8 AGV control solution reduces the time and efforts it takes to design, install and start-up an AGV system, thus reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),” said Henrik Eriksson, Strategic Product Line Manager for Danaher Motion’s AGV family of products.

Additionally, the route-planning tool set has been enhanced and helps users to limit and avoid AGV traffic congestion problems. Ladder Diagram Language has been added to the NDC8 PLC programming environment, OpenPCS, for even more flexibility in customizing AGV solutions. The new version of OpenPCS now supports all 5 standard interoperable languages of IEC 61131-3, while improving AGV performance in limited visibility situations thanks to the addition of magnetic tape navigation to the multi-navigation system concept. This means magnetic spot or magnetic tape navigation can be combined effortlessly and seamlessly with existing laser navigation systems.

Combining navigation techniques is particularly useful in environments where neither is optimal for all of the pre-programmed routes of a plant. Consider a warehouse where stacked or racked goods limit laser scanner visibility, yet whose main transport routes often require complex layout paths to maximize traffic efficiency. In such instances spot or magnetic navigation can be used in the aisles, while laser navigation can be used in the main traffic areas. What's more, NDC8 provides complete support from vehicle control right through to the design tool set.

Danaher Motion’s AGV solutions are used in a wide range of contexts, including the steel, automotive, electronics, ceramics, paper and printing, food and beverage, logistics and distribution, and entertainment industries.

Danaher Motion, 1500 Mittel Boulevard, Wood Dale, IL 60191-1073; 1-866-993-2624; 1-636-281-1517 (fax); [email protected]; www.DanaherMotion.com.

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