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Nercon Selects Kuka Robotics for Palletizing and Order-Picking Applications

Nercon Engineering and Manufacturing of Oshkosh, Wis., a designer and integrator of material handling systems, selected Kuka Robotics Corp. (Clinton Township, Mich.) as its robotics supplier for a new mixed product palletizing and order picking system. Nercon is using a Kuka KR 180 PA palletizing robot in its new system to load and unload mixed product from a three-level accumulating conveyor system. It’s also using a Kuka KR 40 robot in the company's new order picking cell.

The KUKA KR 180 PA 4-axis robot was designed especially for high-speed tasks with heavy payloads. The robot's arm is made of carbon fiber composite materials, which makes it extremely light without sacrificing stiffness. The KUKA KR 40 PA four-axis robot arm is also made of carbon fiber composite materials. It is capable of handling up to a 40 kg payload and has a 2091 mm reach.

"KUKA Robotics' extensive product line and commitment to quality were key in our robotic supplier selection process," said Jim Streblow, v.p. of marketing for Nercon. "With these new application systems customers can easily see how they can improve production and cut manufacturing costs."

Source: KUKA Robotics Corp.

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