Nestl Waters Switches to Fuel Cell Power

LATHAM, N.Y.— Nestlé Waters North America has converted its entire IC-powered fleet of sit-down counterbalanced lift trucks to Yale class I electric lift trucks powered by GenDrive fuel cell power units, Plug Power Inc. recently announced.

The lift trucks will operate at Nestlé Waters’ bottling facility in Dallas. The company evaluated hydrogen fuel cells and lead-acid batteries as potential replacements for their current fuel source, liquid petroleum gas.

Plant management concluded that converting to GenDrive power units would be less expensive than switching to battery-powered trucks.

“Nestlé Waters assessed all their IC engine replacement options and found that the GenDrive fuel cell solution was less expensive than investing in lead-acid batteries and costly battery equipment,” says Tony Troutt, director of sales at Plug Power. “Fuel cells were also found to be more efficient. Most importantly, converting their fleet to hydrogen fuel cells allows Nestlé Waters to eliminate exhaust emission issues, ultimately creating an improved working environment for their employees as well as a reduced carbon footprint.”

Air Products is providing the hydrogen and infrastructure to power the GenDrive units. The fueling infrastructure consists of an outdoor liquid hydrogen storage and compression system and multiple indoor fueling dispensers.

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