Network-Independent Portable Printer

Network-Independent Portable Printer

DuraLabel’s Toro label printing system combines a full-sized flip-down keyboard, tilting touch screen, OSHA-ANSI compliance software and a thermal-transfer printer into one durable, mobile standalone unit.

Toro does not need IT support or connectivity to a computer. Network independence plus Toro’s rugged, lightweight design and optional battery power make it suitable for printing labels and signs at several locations within the same facility or at remote sites. The battery provides the power to print continuous labels for three hours without a charge. Optional Soft-shell and hard shell travel cases are available.

Embedded software includes QLabel-IV for barcoding, DuraSuite with hundreds of templates and symbols for pipemarking, arc flash, NFPA diamond labels and RTK bar labels and more than 1,300 Common Hazard and PPE symbols. Toro software also lets users create and save their own custom label designs.

Toro produces labels and signs from one-half inch to four inches wide at any length needed. It prints up to three inches per second at 300-dot-per-inch resolution.


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