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New Advanced Transportation Management System RFP Product

New Advanced Transportation Management System RFI version 6.0 is available for those selecting a TMS. The Advanced TMS RFI is designed to speed the TMS software selection process significantly by providing a ready-to-use RFP question set. The set of questions is accurate and thorough, and validates the vendor responses. This RFI has 900 detailed questions with a time-saving score card.

Features include precise questions with pop-up text that clearly explain each question, validate vendor responses, and color-highlight vendor responses for visual enhancement. Sections include:

• Outbound Shipment Planning - Advanced Planning;

• LTL Freight Rates & Options;

• TL Freight Rates & Options;

• Ocean Freight Rates & Options;

• Air Cargo Freight Rates & Options;

• Parcel Rates & Options;

• Airborne Express, DHL, Fedex;

• UPS, USPO Detailed Rates & Options;

• Freight Quote Entry - Freight Order Entry;

• Freight Order Management;

• Carrier Selection - Tender to Carrier;

• Freight Order History;

• Load Sequencing – Routing;

• Shipment Detail Capture;

• Freight Documentation;

• Freight Audit - Freight Billing;

• International Freight & Documentation;

• Databases, Operating Systems, Security, Languages.

Version 6.0 includes a full TMS Score Card ability, which permits a company to do score carding of solutions, side-by-side comparisons, costs comparisons, and module comparisons between vendors. Version 6.0 also includes a full text listing of all pop-up question text, to assist the software selection team members.

Single copies of the Advanced TMS RFI on computer media are $995. The publisher is Industrial Data & Information Inc. For screen snapshots and additional information on the TMS RFI, see The Advanced TMS RFI can be ordered at

For more information on IDII, visit

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