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New Aviation Parts DC

Aerospace Products International, Inc. (Memphis), a provider of distribution and supply chain services for the aviation industry, opened a new 172,000 sq.-ft. distribution center in Southaven, Miss., 2.5 miles from the Memphis International Airport and the FedEx Express hub. The new, air conditioned facility consolidates services previously provided by four warehouse facilities.

With a linear flow design the warehouse has 21 receiving docks on the east side of the building, including a courtesy ramp for unloading small package carrier trucks, and 21 shipping docks on the west side of the building. The building also has state-of-the-art hazardous materials, corrosives, and aerosol rooms, with in-rack sprinkler systems and specially designed pallet storage. Other additions include carousels, conveyors and flexible IT connections that will allow for expansion and re-configuration to accommodate growth.

API distributes aircraft parts and related products and components to manufacturers, maintenance providers, and operators of the most widely used commercial and general aviation aircraft. In addition to its product supply services, API offers the aviation industry supply chain management and third-party logistics services.

Source: Aerospace Products International.

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