A New Book about Six Sigma

Key features:

• Practical information facilitates successful implementation of this methodology to help maximize return on investment;

• Includes case studies from Motorola, General Electric, Allied Signal, as well as a number of small businesses;

• Demonstrates how Six Sigma complements the various quality management systems.

Six Sigma has become a proven methodology and strategic initiative that corporations are deploying to realize dramatic benefits. Motorola, GE, Honeywell, Polaroid, ABB, and many more companies have reported economic gains by implementing Six Sigma. Yet, many executives are still wondering about Six Sigma. To them it is like a myth -- some fancy program that is for large companies only. They think it is another "program of the year," and they are tired of such programs.

Many people have been misled into thinking of Six Sigma as just a statistical approach to problem analysis. It is much more than that; it is a culture -- a way of thinking, a set of new behaviors -- that is unique unto itself. It provides any organization with a means to significantly improve both the soft and hard measurements that are so critical to business success in today's multicultural, highly competitive environment.

The authors of this book have attempted to differentiate it from other books in the way that it describes key aspects of the current Six Sigma methodology, such as strategic plan, project selection, Black Belt training, and project management. This is a unique presentation of the Six Sigma methodology that will be very beneficial to readers.


Who Needs It?; What Is Six Sigma?; Six Sigma Deployment Overview; Opportunity; Management and Champions; Strategic Plan; Project Selection; Coaching; Black Belts; Green Belt; Awareness; Six Sigma Success Stories; Enhancing Six Sigma To Deliver Highest Performance at Lowest Cost; Six Sigma Methodology - The Benefits of a Strategic Approach; Six Sigma and Quality Systems; Final Thoughts; History of Six Sigma; Tools Commonly Used in Six Sigma; Training Certifications; Brief Overview of Black Belt Projects

By Cary Adams, Praveen Gupta and Charlie Wilson; December 2002; 288 pages; Hardcover; ISBN 0-75067-523-3; $39.99.

For more information, visit www.bhusa.com/engineering.

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