New Book Provides Foundation for Supply Chain Best Practices

The Supply Chain Handbook brings together a team of 23 experts from management, engineering, technology, consulting and academic backgrounds to provide the latest thinking on innovative supply chain strategies and technologies.

The publication of handbook comes at a critical time for operations and technology professionals as they deal with the pressures of managing a global marketplace and understanding the impact and potential of emerging technologies, while continuing to keep costs down and customer satisfaction high.

The Supply Chain Handbook tackles these and other issues by providing insights from industry author-experts who share proven operations methodologies, evaluate technologies, and offer practical how-to instruction on topics impacting today’s supply chains. Topics covered include:

• Leaning the Supply Chain -- How to eliminate waste from all aspects of the supply chain, from suppliers to end consumers.

• Linking Store Replenishment to the Supply Chain -- How to optimize and integrate stock levels at all locations within the supply pipeline.

• Training and Successful Implementations -- Why and how to develop and incorporate a comprehensive and strategic training program into an implementation plan.

• RFID -- What you need to know to understand RFID’s components, benefits, current challenges and potential uses.

• Logistics and Manufacturing Outsourcing -- How to effectively outsource strategic functions by making outsourcing a core competency.

• Supply Chain Execution Systems -- How SCE application software addresses the fulfillment and delivery of product between supplier and customer.

The book also contains chapters on fundamental supply chain topics such as warehousing operations, receiving and shipping systems, space layout and planning, distribution network planning and design, transportation modes, manufacturing strategies, material handling systems and integration, inventory management and planning and budgeting.

James A. Tompkins, co-editor of the book with Dale Harmelink; Tompkins Press, publishing arm of Tompkins Associates; 500 pages; $59.95; phone 919-876-3667;

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