New Doors Slash Electric Usage

The electric bill of a national grocery distribution center in central Florida was $130,000 a month. Two months later, after HCR installed three Model DCAV-CHs at freezer doorways, it dropped to $98,000 a month. An initial energy-cost analysis, based on company information, and coupled with its maintenance and labor figures, showed an ROI of 2.8 years. Now, with this energy savings, the ROI is now less than one year.

The facility maintenance manager said nothing changed except the removal of its old 9’ x14’ high-speed traffic doors with big electric heaters, and the installation of HCR equipment that uses “free hot gas” from the refrigeration system as a heat source.

The company also went from six defrost cycles a day to one a day. Its –10°F freezer and doorways are now ice/frost-free. The DC runs 24/7 and averages 1,000 pass thrus per 24 hours per freezer doorway and pay $0.055/kwh.

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