New Emergency Response Guidebook Available

CHICAGO—Labelmaster is printing and distributing the 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG), which offers guidance for handling emergencies dealing with hazardous materials.

This year’s edition features more than 50 amendments to proper shipping names and ID numbers, updated hazmat lists, a new entry for lithium ion batteries, ethanol entries and identification numbers and response actions for emergencies involving toxic inhalation hazards. The last update to the ERG was in 2004.

The ERG, originally introduced in 1976, is intended to assist responders in managing the first 15 to 30 minutes of an emergency. It is developed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Transport Canada, the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation of Mexico (SCT) and CIQUIME (Centro de Informacion Quimica para Emergencias) of Argentina.

To order the ERG, visit, call 800-621-5808, or e-mail [email protected].

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