New Ergonomic Design Guidelines for Engineers

Ann Arbor, MICH– The Ergonomic Design Guidelines for Engineers manual published by Humantech, leaders in the field of occupational ergonomics, has been revised to include new and improved assessment methods, software, and tools. The new 333-page manual, including a compact disc toolbox, offers manufacturing and production engineers a reference for managing risk, reducing injuries, and improving productivity by incorporating ergonomic guidelines into the design and selection of workstations and equipment.

Developed by Humantech ergonomists, the publication features new and updated sections on arm and hand forces, hand tools, manual material handling, and workstation heights and distances. According to Humantech Vice President Mike Wynn, the publication is unique in that "it combines easy-to-use ergonomic assessment methods, simple and innovative productivity impact tools that can be translated into compelling return-on-investment statements, and detailed ergonomic design guidelines—everything an engineer needs to optimize human performance."

Ergonomic Design Guidelines for Engineers as well as Humantech's otherpublications such asApplied Industrial Ergonomics, Applied Office Ergonomics andMedical Management of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders can be purchased online by visiting or by calling (734) 663-6707.

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