New Glossary of Supply Chain Terminology - Edition 2

Industrial Data & Information, Inc. announces the second edition of a new valuable resource for professionals in the supply chain field. This resource is the "Glossary of Supply Chain Terminology For Logistics, Manufacturing, Warehousing, & Technology".

This glossary is for new & experienced professionals in supply chain software, operations, logistics, or warehousing. There are thousands of acronyms ("industry buzzwords") that exist today. This handbook takes the mystery out of those and explains what they mean! Excellent reference book for both college classes & professionals in the supply chain field.

This glossary covers 12 areas involving the supply chain professional. The 12 areas are Business, Computer, Conveyor, EDI, Government, Manufacturing, Material Safety Data Sheets, Organization, Pallet, Purchasing, Standards, Transportation, and Warehousing terminology. Each area has it's own glossary and the main glossary includes all terminology.

Edition 2 includes new work by the author AND major contributions from highly recognized professionals & organizations. Ken Ackerman (warehousing expert), William J. Augello (transportation law expert), John Siedel (supply chain technology integration expert), and many other professionals have added to this glossary. Business, Transportation, & Warehousing sections have doubled in size and new sections include MSDS, Conveyor, and Pallet terms!

Philip Obal, President of Industrial Data & Information, says, "Most glossaries are intended for a single industry, but a supply chain expert must have robust knowledge in multiple industries. This glossary is a multi-industry glossary and helps the system integrators, IT staff, consultants, executives, new users, and expert users - as it targets 'Supply Chain Professionals' as the primary audience."

Reviews of the glossary, table of contents, book cover image, and author's picture & biography are available on IDII's website - See

Single copies of the "Glossary of Supply Chain Terminology For Logistics, Manufacturing, Warehousing, & Technology" are $49.95 US. Available from or ISBN 0-9669345-3-9. Spiral Bound. 420 Pages. Bulk quantity discounts are available from

IDII will release future editions of this glossary with new terms, abbreviations, & acronyms based upon suggestions from our readers and IDII's ongoing research.

Industrial Data & Information, Inc. is an independent research consulting company that assists companies in selecting and implementing software solutions. For more information on IDII, visit our web site at or contact IDII at 918-464-2222 or e-mail at [email protected]

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