New Handheld Bar Code Scanner Increases Warehouse Productivity

Symbol Technologies, Inc.'s (Holtsville, N.Y.), new handheld LS4208 bar code scanner, has new productivity features for the warehousing, retail, and healthcare industries. It also unveiled its visit Advanced Exchange Support program, a pre-paid multi-year coverage and support service for its advanced data capture (ADC) scanning devices.

In the warehouse, the LS4208 laser scanner can quickly and accurately scan one-dimensional bar codes including those that are damaged, small or poorly printed. It has a 19-inch scanning range and improved motion tolerances.

The company says the handheld scanner reduces total-cost-of-ownership by letting remote, network-based device management lower IT expenses and enable customization in large, multi-scanner environments. For added flexibility, LS4208 users can easily switch between hands-free and handheld mode. The scanner has a single-circuit-board construction that eliminates the failure points commonly found with interconnect ribbon cables.

Source: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

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