New Lease-Purchase Program Announced

READING, Pa.–Remcon Plastics, Inc., a manufacturer of plastic containers for the pharmaceutical, meat, poultry, and food processing industries, recently developed a new lease-purchase program for its customers.

Customers can select programs that run from one to five years in length and can be applied to Remcon’s entire line of products. According to the company’s release, the lease-purchase option is designed to conserve customer working capital and preserve credit lines given the current economic climate.

“The versatility and tax advantages of our new program make the lease-purchase option very appealing to companies of any size,” said Al Luzi, Remcon’s vice president of sales and marketing.

A “Seasonal Lease Payment Program” gives customers the flexibility to make smaller payments during low cash flow months and higher payments in months when cash flow is greater. Remcon also offers a “Step Lease Program” that enables customers to ease into the expense of their equipment as profits grow.

Under the provisions of the program, customers can purchase leased products for $1 after making the final lease payment or upgrade their equipment during the term of the lease. Additional products can be added to an existing lease.

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