New Mexico Rail Service Competes With Trucking

Union Pacific Railroad ( ) and Norfolk Southern Railway Co. ( are adding expedited northbound intermodal service from Mexico and Laredo, Tex.

The two railroads began similar southbound services last summer, which have enjoyed success.

UP shipments from Mexico -- with emphasis on Mexico City -- and Laredo will move to the railway's Marion, Ark., intermodal facility. NS delivery points are Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Miami, Harrisburg, Pa., and E-Rail, N.J. (near Elizabeth).

Three services are being offered:
Trans-border, all-rail, seamless. It bypasses customs at the border by clearing within the Mexican interior. The handoff is to Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicana (TFM) at Laredo.

Passport is combination truck-rail. Mexican shipments move by truck to Laredo and are forwarded to U.S. destinations.

Conventional service allows arrangements for local pick-up in Mexico for movement to UP's Laredo facility.

Northbound traffic is expected to be mixed freight.

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