New Packaging Regulations Affect HazMat Shippers

New federal regulations are affecting domestic and international shippers of hazardous material now and for years to come. US DOT Docket # HM215-E, which became effective October 1, 2004, makes all shippers of hazardous material responsible for strictly following the manufacturer’s closure instructions that accompany all DOT- and UN-marked packagings. Significantly, shippers are required to assure that proper closure procedures have been followed, and DOT even goes further in suggesting shipper verification of container closure prior to shipment. Penalty assessments for non-conforming shippers are likely.

“Container closure instructions are not generic,” says Chris Hilty, vice president of sales and marketing for ENPAC.

The Poly-Overpack line of screw-top salvage drums features positive, visual verification of container closure. Shippers should be extra vigilant to use the correct packaging for spilled or leaking hazardous material. Shippers should request Closure Instructions and Container Qualification Reports for the DOT- and UN-marked packagings that they are using to ensure compliance with regulations.

More information about Poly-Overpack salvage drums in 20-gallon to 110-gallon range, as well as product-specific container closure instructions and container qualifications, is available at

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