fastest rugged computer available for the forklift and harsh environment marketplace. Offering performance equivalent to a Pentium IV 3.2 GHz processor, it surpasses every sealed and fanless computer available in the data collection market today. In addition, it supports Mini PCI Express and a SCADA hard drive.

Like the original Pentium M, the new 2.0 GHz model features low power usage so it is ideal for the mobile computer market. This translates well to Glacier’s sealed units, where heat dissipation is of great importance. Keeping the heat low inside a sealed rugged computer greatly extends the life of the electronic components. “Customers are always asking for increased power to run more intense applications, and the Pentium M was the logical choice,” states Dan Poisson Vice President of Operations for Glacier.

Providing a Pentium M in the Glacier GX 1200 and GX 1500 ensures a high end solution for forklift and warehouse applications. The Glacier GX 1000, with a VIA 1 GHz processor will supply a lower cost solution for applications where power is not the most
important factor. All Glacier units are PC-compatible and run DOS, 2000, XP, and Embedded XP. The GX 1000 runs Windows CE as well. Units are commonly configured to run in wireless networks and support 802.11 A, B, and G radios.

About Glacier Computer
Glacier Computer designs and develops versatile, rugged industrial computer systems for harsh environments in a variety of markets, including LTL crossdock, distribution, -morewarehousing, manufacturing and more. With its in-depth knowledge and experience in
the industrial computing arena, Glacier takes pride in its ability to provide quality products and exceptional customer service to meet customers’ needs.
For more information about Glacier Computer, please contact, 603-882-1560 or visit

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