New RPCC Leadership

Corporate executives and businesses within the retailer/user community will play a significant role in driving Coalition strategies and initiatives going forward, the Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition (RPCC, Washington, D.C.) announced today.

Newly elected RPCC President Mike Ulrich, business development manager of Macro Plastics, Inc, said, "Traditionally, our efforts have been driven and led by the manufacturers, poolers, and other suppliers of reusables who comprise the Coalition's primary membership base. There is a wealth of practical knowledge and best practices that have been implemented by those who have already integrated reusable packaging systems into their supply chain needs. We intend to leverage the enormous expertise within our user community to deepen the existing benefits and opportunities that the Coalition brings to the marketplace."

RPCC leadership will continue to advocate the growth of reusable transport packaging systems across a broad spectrum of industries and commodities in such critical areas as RFID technology, sustainability and environmental practices, and the development of economic models that demonstrate ROI through reuse.

"Our new board brings diversity in terms of products and industries that will drive our initiatives going forward," added Ulrich, "and with the RPCC User Advisory Council that includes such corporations as John Deere, Nestle Waters, Tanimura & Antle, and Wal-Mart, we already have a talent pool that will be a springboard for other users to join our efforts."

Ulrich noted that through a broad-based partnership with the retailer/user community, the Coalition will be able to position its member companies and the industry at large with better information on reusable packaging systems and how these systems enhance supply chain visibility.

The Coalition advocates reusable transport packaging as a way to reduce the volume of the waste stream and improve the system-wide productivity of industries employing these products and services. The RPCC advocates the integration and expansion of reusable systems through key information-gathering and data collection, alliances with private, public, and governmental entities, standards and guidelines, best practices, education and

public awareness. It also promotes legislative and regulatory activities to support the industry, when appropriate.

Elected to the 2007 RPCC Board are:

  • President: Mike Ulrich, Macro Plastics, Inc.
  • Vice President: Fred Heptinstall, IFCO Systems
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Bob Klimko, Norseman Plastics
  • Director: Craig Kelly, CHEP
  • Director: Patrick Kennedy, The Kennedy Group
  • Director: David Rieser, Georgia-Pacific
  • Director: Scott Schimming, Rehrig Pacific
  • Immediate Past President (assumed position): David Rodgers, ORBIS Container Services.

Source: Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition.

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