New SCR Group Saves Companies Time, Money

Supply Chain Resources Inc. of Carol Stream, IL, announced the formation of the Supply Chain Resources (SCR) Group. SCR Group provides global supply chain solutions including domestic and Pacific Rim warehousing and distribution, international and domestic shipping, retail logistics, Pacific Rim product sourcing, and information technology software to a wide range of customers.

SCR Group enables manufacturers and distributors in a wide variety of industries to establish themselves nationally as well as internationally. It works with clients to assess needs, and then customizes and implements programs to maximize their profitability.

Domestically, SCR Group offers national warehousing, transportation, consolidation and pool distribution and final destination delivery services. Internationally, SCR Group offers clients the direct connection to hundreds of Asian manufacturing and logistics professionals, Pacific Rim freight consolidation capabilities, ocean freight and freight forwarding, foreign and bonded warehousing and U.S. customs clearance services. SCR Group is also the provider of the industry leading, warehouse information technology software used by its own companies as well as several Fortune 100 companies that found SCR Group's technology fit into their business applications.

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