New System Gives Batteries a Charge

Evergreen Logistics, a Tibbett & Britten Group member company, has implemented a 15-port PosiCharge system for its facility in Conway, Arkansas. The PosiCharge productivity-enhancing system eliminates the need for a battery changing room at the distribution center.

The new PosiCharge system provides energy to 15 Hyster 48-volt sit-down lift trucks within the 665,000-square-foot facility, which runs various four-day, five-day and weekend shifts, operating seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

PosiCharge allows lift truck operators to quickly charge batteries during breaks, lunches, shift changes and shutdown ā€” without compromising productivity. Battery changing, in contrast, compromises productivity by taking lift truck operators out of the productive cycle and requiring them to drive to a battery changing area, wait for a battery change or change the battery in their truck and then return to work ā€” costing productive time and extra hardware. PosiCharge charges batteries in the truck so that battery handling is virtually eliminated.

Evergreen Logistics uses three different PosiCharge products: the multi-vehicle system, the dual-vehicle system and a single-port ELT charger.

PosiCharge, div. of AeroVironment Inc.,, 866-767-4242.

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