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New "Tool" Guides Companies On Road to Six Sigma Success

NEW YORK . . . Achieving the goals of a Six Sigma improvement initiative -- drastically improving the bottom line by designing and monitoring everyday business activities in ways that minimize waste and resources while increasing customer satisfaction -- is not an easy task.

A major roadblock in this quality challenge has been the lack of proper "tools". Now, with Productivity Press' Six Sigma Tool Navigator – The Master Guide for Teams, by Walter J. Michalski with Dana G. King, a powerful resource is available not only for teams, but for managers, trainers, industrial engineers and quality professionals anywhere on their Six Sigma initiative.

This handbook includes detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on how to use 222 Six Sigma tools and techniques. A unique "Six Sigma Tool-Strings" section helps determine which tool is appropriate for a particular task and how to link tools in sequence. Each tool is classified by process application, description and various applications of the tool, possible links to "before and after" tools and problem solving phases most applicable for the tool.

Highlights include:

Over 70 tool string flowcharts

More than 100 illustrated tools including tables, matrices, flowcharts, networks and diagrams

A Six Sigma tools cross-reference section

About the Author

Dr. Walter J. Michalski, President of Alpha Research Group, a firm that assists organizations in their Six Sigma quality and change initiatives, has over 30 years' work experience in quality assurance, test/process engineering and process improvement training.

List price is $75.00. For more information on Six Sigma Tool Navigator, access the publisher online catalog at

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