New Video CD on Fire Protection

An 11-minute video from Great Lakes Chemical Corp., Indianapolis, shows in detail the different benefits in fire protection provided by automatic sprinkler systems and FM-200 waterless fire protection systems. The video is based on comparison tests developed by Hughes Associates, an independent fire consultant, simulating fire sizes typical of those that occur in computers, electronics and telecommunications equipment.

The video shows the effectiveness and value of both types of fire protection, but highlights differences in speed of activation, fire size and secondary damage for critical facilities. Both types of fire suppression are effective, but their objectives are different.

Sprinklers systems, which are slower to activate, are designed to contain the fire to the room of origin and prevent major structural damage. Although water can provide good fire protection for buildings, it can destroy critical business systems and records – assets that shouldn’t get wet and may not be recoverable.

FM-200 systems, which detect and eliminate fire within seconds, are designed to stop a fire at its source long before smoke generation causes further damage. FM-200 gas is non-conductive and non-corrosive so it’s safe to use around electronics. There is no residue, particulate or collateral damage after discharge. The gas penetrates obscure or hard-to-reach areas.

The video explains how to determine if your business could survive a fire and how to evaluate potential business risk when selecting a fire-protection system.

To request a free video, visit, or call 877-686-7888.

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