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New WMS Software Improves Logistics Decision-Making

Softeon, which provides solutions for logistics and distribution management, has released new simulation and optimization capabilities as part of its ELITE series WMS and supply chain execution solutions. The new capabilities offer companies the chance to gain a new level of savings from warehouse management system implementations through improved operation analysis and decision-making.

The new simulation and optimization capabilities allow companies to understand in detail the impact on cost and performance of key variables and decisions in the distribution center. These variables include such areas as:

• Putaway rules;

• Slotting decisions;

• Work queue management;

• Picking and replenishment methods.

The ELITE series WMS now allows distribution professionals to easily simulate the impact of potential decisions on these and related variables on actual distribution cost and time, using the customer's own operating data in the system at any point in time. The capabilities support unlimited "what if" analyses that enable logistics managers to accurately simulate the impact of alternative operations strategies on performance, leading to optimal decision-making and lowest possible operating costs. Companies can quickly take advantage of the capabilities to improve performance because the information is presented in a graphical form that enables users to easily understand what is happening in their operations and what the result of potential changes would be.

Until now, these type of simulation capabilities were only available as third-party add-on modules to WMS packages, and were difficult and expensive to implement. As a result, they have rarely been used, generally only early in the system design phase, if at all.

With Softeon's solution, these capabilities are native to the WMS system, and easy for companies to use on their own. They are designed for use on an on-going basis to drive continuous improvement and react to changes in distribution requirements.

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