Nexus System Flow Racks

Lista International Corporation introduces Nexus¢â System Flow Racks ¡ª an extremely effective material handling solution for presenting parts for picking, kitting or assembly.

Nexus Flow Racks, part of the complete Lista Nexus System, use gravity to deliver parts, components and cartons, thus reducing the need for parts delivery personnel. This allows one person to service more production or packaging stations. Also, by assembling flow racks in rows, you can achieve even greater productivity and convenience.

Like all Lista systems, the Flow Racks are modular and can be equipped to exactly meet user needs. They accept any Nexus System accessory, including shelves, lights, power and articulating arm accessories. By adding a worksurface, a Nexus Flow Rack becomes a highly efficient assembly or work station. The Flow Racks are 86 ¨ù¡± high and 48¡± deep, and are available in five widths (30¡±, 36¡±, 42¡±, 48¡± and 60¡±). The addition of casters allows individual flow racks to be mobile.

Nexus Flow Racks are a part of the complete Nexus System, a highly functional, ergonomic, and flexible system of above-the-work surface accessories and modular components. The system has been designed to cost-effectively meet the needs of a broad variety of jobs. It can also be easily adjusted to meet changing needs, or for different specific tasks within a workshift. All components come in ESD paint for static-sensitive applications. Other Nexus System products include packing benches, stationary stands, mobile trolleys and a complete line of above-worksurface workbench accessories.

To find out more about Lista¡¯s Nexus System, call or write: Lista International Corporation, 106 Lowland Street, Holliston, MA 01746 USA; TEL 1-800-722-3020; FAX 508-626-0353; email [email protected]. Visit Lista¡¯s web site at

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