The NO-LIFT Semi-Automatic Palletizer from Powell Systems Inc. is designed to reduce worker fatigue and eliminate potential injury from lifting and stacking boxes onto shipping pallets. Perfect for low-volume packaging and handling operations the NO-LIFT not only reduces worker fatigue but increases productivity by enabling faster stacking. Boxes come from an in-feed conveyor and are easily positioned on the ball transfer table forming a layer. Once a layer is full, the operator simply pushes a button and the NO-LIFT neatly stacks the boxes and lowers the pallet for the next layer. Full pallets are removed with a lift truck and replaced with an empty pallet. The NO-LIFT raises the pallet to the correct height to begin again.

The NO-LIFT Semi-Automatic Palletizer is versatile, adjustable and adaptable to most applications. Scissor-lift, transfer table and all controls are included. More information is available on the company’s website,, or by calling 765-884-0613.

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